Revolution and XML

Kevin Miller kevin at
Mon Jun 10 16:56:01 EDT 2002

On 8/6/02 7:11 pm, Trevor DeVore <trevor at> wrote:

>> From what I have gathered Revolution does not have XML support built in right
> now.  I did see an XML library available at that
> is
> in BETA testing and also a rumor on the home page that said XML support was
> coming for Revolution.
> So has anyone using Revolution incorporated XML in their projects or is there
> another common way of handling this situation with Revolution? I don't want to
> use a database since I don't believe this warrants database use but I am open
> to
> any suggestions.

We will be supporting XML very fully in the next version.  (Not that you
can't do it now, but you do have a lot more work to do without specific
built in support.)


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