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Mon Jun 10 15:05:13 EDT 2002

At 8:38 AM -0700 6/10/2002, Troy Rollins wrote:
>As I've mentioned before, I would be perfectly happy with underlines, a
>glossary column, or virtually any other solution which has been

You (or anyone) can make whatever modifications you want to make in your
copy, of course. Setting the underlineLinks to true on the docs stacks is a
simple way of underlining the glossary entries in those stacks (the links
all use the link text style), so this may be a solution for you if you need
all the elementary terms called out visibly, or are more comfortable with
that mode. You can also set the linkColor and visitedLinkColor if preferred.

>Rev's help system is
>remarkably frustrating on many levels, and I don't remark on this as a
>theoretical critic, but as a paying user, so a diatribe on "why it is
>good" doesn't hold a lot of water unfortunately.

I'm sorry you dislike it so much, and I do look carefully at all negative
comments made here. Your comments in particular I generally find
well-thought-out and helpful, and many of them will be influential in
upcoming changes to the documentation. But if you announce publicly that
something is "EXTREMELY poor design" on theoretical grounds, yes, you are
going to get a brief lecture on the practical reasons for these choices in
light of information design principles, though I hope not a "diatribe". It
goes with the territory, I'm afraid.

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