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Hi everybody,

For those who don¹t want to play hide and seek with those hidden links in
the transcript dictionary just enter in the messagebox :
set the linkcolor  of stack "revdocslanguagereference" to blue  -- or
whatever color name or triplet you like
If this already in the archives disregard this mail (as a newbie I didn¹t
have time to explore the archives yet)



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am 09.06.2002 5:03 Uhr schrieb use-revolution-request at unter
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> Having faced this problem (many glossary terms - relatively small
> amount of text) with a number of educational software titles we have
> developed we opted to provide page-specific lists of glossary terms
> adjacent to the main text. I have to agree with Troy that 'invisible'
> hyperlinks are way less than ideal.
> Cheers,
> Terry...

Me too...
this makes the user working (reading) like a dough mixers ;)

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