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You shouldn't need a Mac emulator for that... you can simply transfer your hypercard stack to Windows on a floppy/Zip/CD, and open it in MC directly (or at least you could in 2.3, the last version I tried this in). Just make sure you choose the "all files" filter in the Open dialog box from within MC. It'll strip off the resource fork, but you can't use that in Windows anyway.

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  Yes, Basilisk II is a Mac emulator for PC's.  I did try downloading MetaCard and running it, but I can't get it to work.  Basilisk II emualtes a 68k Mac, and the current MetaCard download does not have a 68k engine.  Does anyone have any idea where I could download MetaCard with a 68k engine?  What I am trying to do here is port some HyperCard stacks to Windows.

  Scott Slaugh

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  >Judy, you're right. I've been running Basilisk II for a long time, and find 
  >it to be a very stable *68K* emulator. It won't run any PPC apps. However, I 
  >have been running the 68K version of MetaCard quite effectively under BII, 
  >so I don't know why Rev wouldn't work. 
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  > > And I believe it is a 68k emulator that ! requires Apple ROMs and that you 
  > > supply your own OS. A guy on the HC list uses it regularly to run 
  > > Hypercard on PCs at his university. Works for him, but perhaps that's 
  > > because I think HC has both the 68k & PPC code? 
  > > 
  > > Judy 
  > > 
  > > On Sun, 9 Jun 2002, Troy Rollins wrote: 
  > > > On Sunday, June 9, 2002, at 09:22 PM, Kee Nethery wrote: 
  > > > 
  > > > > what is Basilisk II? I've been involved with Macs since the Lisa was a 
  > > > > beta machine. I've never heard of Basilisk II. 
  > > > 
  > > > Precisely the problem. Basilisk is a Mac emulator for WinTel machines, I 
  > > > believe. 
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