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Manuel Companys mcompanys at
Sun Jun 9 15:21:00 EDT 2002

Le 6/06/02 12:47, « David Vaughan » <drvaughan55 at> a écrit :

> ResEdit runs under Classic, too. Practically all Apps do, really. I have
> a lot of 9 applications around still, but have not directly booted 9.2
> in months and hardly expect to ever again.
and Mark Mitchell <mark_mitchell at>
> No, HC works wonderfully under OS9.2 and of course it doesn't work  'directly'
> in OSX, but I pop back and forth between Rev
>in OSX and HC in OS9 all day!  Its absolutely no different than working under a
>single OS (except for occasional clipboard
>copying problems).  Indeed, you need not even be aware of the multiple OS's for
>the most part.  If HC is not working well for
>you under OS9, you must have some OS or hardware  problems.
>p.s.  after you see how good your Rev apps look under OSX, I doubt you will
>ever turn back...


You guys are beginning to convince me!


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