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>I have some concern about the objects available for 
>data access in RR. Are there objects that are the 
>equivalent of the flexgrid, datagrid and data 
>controls that are part of VB? If not, are there 
>uncomplicated ways to duplicate their function?
You can use a list field to display data. Anything that you can do with the data controls or the recordset object can be done using the revolution database library. Drag&drop database support is planned.

>If I use my existing Access database, must I use  ODBC? 

>I have used ADO and DAO with VB in the past.
As I understand it ADO uses ODBC to do it's magic.

>Lastly, will the limitations of the RR trial version 
>restrict what I can do to the point of making it 
No. Please check out the software database demo which can be found at

and look at the VB to Rev comparison by Ken Ray at

You may wish to go with Valentina over MS Access. It's a very fast cross platform single user database. 

As for the starter kit limits below is a 3 line script for displaying data in a fictional database.

put revdb_connect("accessdn","","","") into dbconn #connect to ms access database using dsn
put revdb_querylist("","",dbconn,"select * from emp where empno = 5") into field "datatable"
#display tab delimited data into field.
get revdb_disconnect(dbconn)
#disconnect from database

The same 3 lines can be used to display data in a Valentina database, only Valentina will work cross platform, and is much faster.


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