Revolution and XML

Trevor DeVore trevor at
Sat Jun 8 13:15:01 EDT 2002


I downloaded Revolution last week to find out more about it for use as the
development environment for a multimedia project that will be distributed on
CD-ROM for Mac and Windows.  I have been very impressed so far.  I think we will
be using Revolution for the project but had a couple of implementation details I
would like to figure out before committing to it.

In my project we will have a media tray which will have QuickTime Movies, VR and
still images.  The content of the tray will vary depending on the screen that a
user is viewing.  One requirement is that the contents of the media tray can be
updated outside of the developing environment.  The media will be external to
the project and the program will populate the tray dynamically.  Ideally I would
like to have an XML file for each screen that told the program where to get the
media for the media tray thumbnails and the actual media itself.

>From what I have gathered Revolution does not have XML support built in right
now.  I did see an XML library available at that is
in BETA testing and also a rumor on the home page that said XML support was
coming for Revolution.

So has anyone using Revolution incorporated XML in their projects or is there
another common way of handling this situation with Revolution? I don't want to
use a database since I don't believe this warrants database use but I am open to
any suggestions.


Trevor DeVore
Blue Mango Multimedia
trevor at

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