Newbie project

Jim Humphrey jimh at
Sat Jun 8 11:46:01 EDT 2002

I am very new to RR and have been lurking on this 
list for a while.
I have a project which I developed in VB6 and would 
like to recreate in RR and would like to know if 
this is a suitable first-try project, using RR trial 
I have created a relational database in Access 2000, 
with mutiple linked tables. It's a computer retail 
pricing and quotation system, storing parts pricing 
information, customer information, and quotation 
information for custom-built computer systems. The 
front-end is written in Visual Basic 6, making 
extensive use of flexgrid and datagrid controls for 
displaying the results of SQL queries (not stored), 
and inputting data. I have also used some direct 
Windows API calls.
So far this application has been used in-house so 
some minor bugs haven't been too important, but I am 
thinking about limited distribution with some minor 
modifications for a different sort of use.
I would like to cut down on the number of files 
included with the installation package, as well as 
the overall size of the package. It seems to me that 
RR will allow me to achieve those goals.

I have some concern about the objects available for 
data access in RR. Are there objects that are the 
equivalent of the flexgrid, datagrid and data 
controls that are part of VB? If not, are there 
uncomplicated ways to duplicate their function?
If I use my existing Access database, must I use 
ODBC? I have used ADO and DAO with VB in the past.

Lastly, will the limitations of the RR trial version 
restrict what I can do to the point of making it 

Jim Humphrey

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