editMenus Problem

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto jeanne at runrev.com
Sat Jun 8 01:45:20 EDT 2002

At 7:09 PM -0700 6/5/2002, Rick Harrison wrote:
>I have four menus that I switch between depending on the
>Computer Platform/OS and whether the user is registered
>or not registered.  When I switch menus, the editMenus
>property apparently gets set to true somehow without my
>specifying it to be done, which of course screws up my window
>size etc.  If I try to set the editMenus property for the
>new menubar that I've set, it doesn't fix it.  The only way
>to set the editMenus back to hide the menubar is to set it
>back to the first menu again, and to set the editMenus
>property back to false.

I'm not seeing this.

The only thing I can think of is - is it possible your stack has more than
one card and one or more of the menubar groups isn't placed on all of them?
That might cause this behavior, if you set the menubar to a group that
isn't on the current card.

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