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I usually stay out of pricing discussions because I agree that they do 
not belong in the USE revolution list.

However, to suggest that there is "no real cost to the manufacturer" to 
develop Revolution (or even to maintain the website from which one 
downloads it) is an **outrageous insult** to the brilliant programmers 
and support individuals who spent years developing this wonderful 
programming environment.

Sure I'd love to pay less for it, but think of it this way:  if the 
RunRev folks can't make enough money to live by developing and 
supporting Rev, then they will have to turn to other more financially 
sound uses for their intellectual output.  If they decide to fold up 
their tent and go to work writing billing software for some insurance 
company then who loses? WE do.

Good programming takes years and an enormous amount of skill.  The folks 
at RunRev deserve our support and adulation not harrassment every single 
time they post a message that says something costs money. (Hey, I've 
been guilty, too.)

So, thanks RunRev folks!!  Keep up the good work.

::::FLAME OFF::::

:::stepping gently off soapbox:::

On Friday, June 7, 2002, at 11:47 AM, Kevin Miller wrote:

> On 7/6/02 1:01 am, Nicholas Thieberger
> <n.thieberger at> wrote:
>> So, having purchased Revolution, at no real cost to the manufacturer
>> as it is downloaded from the web, you now provide the documentation
>> that should have been part of the original purchase, and charge US
>> $79 or $99?
>> Please reconsider!
> Revolution took years to develop, by a team of experienced developers.  
> That
> team did have to live, eat, etc.  The suggestion that there is no real 
> cost
> does not stand up, in any way, at all.
> As for the cost of the manuals, that’s just what it costs to print the
> manuals in that volume and make some kind of profit on it.  Not a big
> profit, but we can't be shipping manuals at a loss...
> Folks, I do want to hear *all* feedback anyone has on these issues, but 
> this
> list is really meant for discussing using Revolution and it is 
> important to
> keep it focused on that, because that is what most people want to read
> about.  My mail box is a good place for this <kevin at>, and pro
> users have their own discussion group too.
> Kind regards,
> Kevin
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