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On 7/6/02 1:01 am, Nicholas Thieberger
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> So, having purchased Revolution, at no real cost to the manufacturer
> as it is downloaded from the web, you now provide the documentation
> that should have been part of the original purchase, and charge US
> $79 or $99?
> Please reconsider!

Revolution took years to develop, by a team of experienced developers.  That
team did have to live, eat, etc.  The suggestion that there is no real cost
does not stand up, in any way, at all.

As for the cost of the manuals, that¹s just what it costs to print the
manuals in that volume and make some kind of profit on it.  Not a big
profit, but we can't be shipping manuals at a loss...

Folks, I do want to hear *all* feedback anyone has on these issues, but this
list is really meant for discussing using Revolution and it is important to
keep it focused on that, because that is what most people want to read
about.  My mail box is a good place for this <kevin at>, and pro
users have their own discussion group too.

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