Is this a realistic project for Rev newbie?

Michael McKenzie mikelmac at
Fri Jun 7 11:05:00 EDT 2002

on 6/7/02 10:57 AM, Jim MacConnell at jmac at wrote:

> I trust you are doing this in part to learn Rev.
Yes, that is part of the motivation.

> I assume you aren't interested in adding capability to the Excel version? If
> you are I'm looking for an Excel project to keep my MS Office automtation
> skills honed and linking Excel to external datasets is one of the current
> holes I have. If the Excel version is automated (and I assume it must be),
> you also have a cross-platform tool to do the job... you just haven't
> learned something new and kewl like Rev.

Well, my goal is ultimately to just get my job done as efficiently as
possible. The less time I spend crunching numbers and placing ad's is more
time I have to do the creative. (I wear lots of hats here) So if I knew
Excel well enough to achieve the same goal as mentioned, I probably would
use the most expedient means to reach my end goal. My current Excel
spreadsheet is very basic, and not automated. I also still need to be able
to create the actual ad "buy", that would access my Excel data and format it
in a way that I can send to each station.

Thanks for the offer, but I probably should try and stretch my brain a
little before I cry "uncle".

Michael McKenzie
Director of Advertising
Ruby-Gordon Furniture Inc.

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