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Dreamscape Software webmaster at
Thu Jun 6 17:31:02 EDT 2002

I have to say.  The only reason I have not yet purchased a copy of
MetaCard/RunRev is because of the steep price tag.  Even if you do the
HyperCard switch, it's still pretty expensive.  Does anyone else feel this

Just to show my point, here are the RAD's that I know of and how much they
cost in compairison to MetaCard/RunRev...

    HyperCard    $99
    VisualBasic  $109
    SuperCard    $144
    RealBasic    $349
    MetaCard     $995

Yes they are not all quite the same, but even so, MetaCard is still $646
more than RealBasic.  It just seems to me that the pricetag on MetaCard is
very unreasonable.  So you get 2 people to buy a copy in 1 month.  $2,000 is
nice.  But what if you get 20 people to buy it at $300, That's $6,000!!!
I'd prefer $6,000 over $2,000 any day.

Derek Bump
Dreamscape Software, Inc.

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