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I highly recommend going to OS X for just about every reason not just 
for Revolution. I have found X very stable and Revolution works very 
well in it.

Bill Vlahos

On Thursday, June 6, 2002, at 09:33  AM, Bob Arnold wrote:

> on 6/6/02 12:15 PM, Rob Cozens at rcozens at wrote:
>> Early on I experienced unstableness in the Revolution platform; but
>> once I had crashed enough times, I could determine what actions
>> (often blindlessly trying something I had not done before to
>> determine the best way to do it) caused crashes and a. change my work
>> habits &/or b. learn the correct, ie non-crashing, approach.
>> Be patient, positive, and inquisitive; but save frequently until you
>> get to know RunRev.
> I am the recent crash-prone poster. Thanks for this generally good 
> advice,
> and I now save after every step -- and will either upgrade from 9.1 to 
> 9.2
> or X soon -- but, as an example of my intermittent crashing problems, 
> after
> adding a group of navigation buttons including "Next" to all cards in a
> stack (imported fromHC) -- and checking to see that all worked 
> properly --
> some time later I deleted one lone remaining "next" card button 
> (actually
> their names were different, just same labels), and then when using the 
> new
> group button "next" again, RR crashed (just the app, not the 
> computer). I
> repeated this process three times, deleting the same button and then
> clicking the group btn, crashing each time. Saving after deleting the 
> card
> button, and then re-opening after the inevitable crash, seems to have
> alleviated the problem -- now the Nav buttons work without crashing -- 
> but
> am I blundering about by deleting a card button and then clicking on a
> button? If I am, I blundered most of the time using HC, but didn't have 
> this
> crashing problem.
> Not really complaining, however, I am quite infatuated with RR, have 
> long
> ago learned the virtues of patience and persistence.
> Thanks again.
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