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At 8:37 PM -0700 6/5/02, Kee Nethery wrote:
>Thank you. I think it was the finder copy that did it. For some reason the stack appears to be the same as the source stack with a finder copy. Save as seems to mark them as different. Tabbing out of fields is a great idea, I'll do that next time just in case. It's all kind of funny, the myths surrounding something as seemingly simple as making a copy of a stack. Thanks, Kee

The file name of the stack file and the name of the stack are separate. You can have a stack named "bob" in a file named "joe"

Also note that a stack file always contains exactly one "mainStack," but can contain in addition zero to many substacks.

Note that, unlike HyperCard where a message went straight from a stack to HyperCard, in a substack, a message goes to the substack, and if it isn't handled there it is next handed to the mainStack.

Also note that you can move a substack from one mainStack to another (switching the file it is stored in) by setting its mainStack property, but you should not try to change the substacks of a mainStack by setting its substacks property.

Finally, note that you cannot have two stacks open with the same name. mainStacks or substacks, it doesn't matter. This refers to the stack name, not the stack _file_ name.


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