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"J. Landman Gay" <jacque at> wrote:

> There are some exceptions -- characters that cannot be typed and
> which a user can't enter into the text. I usually use numToChar(8)
> as a delimiter, because that's the Delete key -- and it is
> impossible for a user to type a delete character into the
> text. Another one I like is numToChar(3), which is the Enter key
> character, which also cannot be placed into the text. I've had good
> success using both of these. Someone else mentioned any of the ascii
> characters 1-6, which should also work fine.

If this is for cross-platform use, you should also keep in mind that
some of those characters get moved around when you move the stack from
a Mac to a PC or vice versa.  8 looks to be safe, but 1-7 are not.
Better run your proposed choice through the macToISO() or ISOToMac()
function to make sure it comes out the same as it went in...

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