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They don't. NumToChar(198) is an upper-case cedilla, and numToChar(215) is a
small "x" symbol. There is no triangle or diamond in Courier New. (I'm using
Windows 2000 and checking in MetaCard's Character Chooser.)

You can use Wingdings on Windows to create a (solid) diamond using
numToChar(117), and you can use the Symbol font to get an (open) triangle
using numToChar(68), and an open diamond with numTochar(224).

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> >I don't know if it's the safest delimiter, but I always use a Pipe "|"
> >as my delimiters.
> Derek, or anyone who'd like to help:
> Can you confirm for me whether numToChar(198) and numToChar(215)
> produce a triangle and diamond respectively in Courier New on Windows?
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