[INFO] libSMTP v1.0.0

Shao Sean shaosean at unitz.ca
Mon Jun 3 17:13:00 EDT 2002

> This sounds very interesting.  Would this library allow me to write an
> E-Mail client?
exactly.. as a matter of fact. there's a cheap email client included to show you how to use the library..

> Basically I'd like to write an e-mail client that is powerful, and doesn't
i'll leave the interface and features up to you, but basically using this library will allow you to do so.. any features you do not need you just do not call..

here's something i forgot to mention in the docs!
libSMTP_initialize will clear out all the internal variables, but if you just need to clear out a few, call the handler with no parameters.
example: libSMTP_recipient -- clears _all_ the recipients

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