value conversion utility

Kurt Kaufman kurtkaufman at
Mon Jun 3 10:12:01 EDT 2002

R. C.  wrote:

"I...decided not to put conversion routines in my library
because I've never used the conversion extensions I wrote in

FWIW, here is CompileIt! source to convert positive base 10 integers
to any base from 2 to 35 and vice versa..."

Thanks, Rob!  I have recently been working extensively with MIDI data, 
and have had to do much conversion between hex and decimal.  I was using 
an external conversion calculator, but it was designed such that it was 
difficult to copy and paste results back into my Revolution work.  So I 
thought it would be handy to have a converter available as a Rev 
plugin.  I'll take a look at what you posted and see if I can create a 
UI for it........but I'll wait a bit to make sure that no one has 
already done this (why do it twice?).


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