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Mark Mitchell mark_mitchell at
Sun Jun 2 10:44:01 EDT 2002

use-revolution at writes:
For a few hundred dollars I just picked up a 366 mHz PC laptop for 
testing purposes; you might find an option like that to be more 
satisfactory in the long run.

I agree.  For development purposes, and for testing, it's far better to test on a real rather than virtual machine.  The
interaction w/ the hardware is the main concern.  VPC is a great product, but it's not designed for this.  It's designed so
that mac users can buy any app w/o worrying about mac-compat or not.  I too am shortly going to buy a used windoze box.  But
I'm going to make sure the RAM capacity will be sufficient to run the current and next version of windoze (500 MB?).  I figure
300 bucks ought to do it, not much more than VPC.

mark mitchell

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