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Sun Jun 2 10:00:01 EDT 2002


Thanks for responding so quickly. I suppose that was a rather vague
description of my problem.

Using aliasReference() as an example, I get the following when trying to
print a listing:
    Page 1
        the function's title on two separate lines (quadruple line spacing),
        the function's description with no more than ~30 char/line, again
with quad. line spacing
          over several lines
        the function's signatures in bold face, singly spaced
        a footer containing the version of Revolution, the word
"Documentation" and a date, quad. spacing, ~  30 chars/line
    Page 2
        the section following the method signature (suggested use?) is
        the headings for the Parameters, Value and Comments with their
respective contents quad. spaced
        the same footer as before but now on a single line
    Page 3-5
        the contents of the second page are repeated for three more pages,
each page containing a variation of the contents of page 2 with a single
line footer.

I'm using a Hewlett Packard bubble jet (812c). My computer is connected to
it through a USB serial bus controller with a Microsoft USB Printing Support
driver (version 5.0.2183.1) that came with Win2K Pro. I've checked the HP
site for driver updates but it declares that the appropriate driver is an
integral part of Win2k and there is no need to install a driver.

I hope this illustrates the problem more clearly and that there is a ready


> At 6:47 PM -0700 6/1/2002, John Beveridge wrote:
> >    Hi,   I've got a licenced version of RR and I'm having  problems
> >printing a listing from the Transcript Dictionary. I'm using Windows
> >Pro and version 1.1.1 of RR.   Any thoughts or has anyone else
> >this  problem?   JB.
> What kind of problems are you seeing? Also, what print driver/printer are
> you using? (If available, you might try another driver to narrow it
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