Virtual PC

Kurt Kaufman kurtkaufman at
Sat Jun 1 14:57:01 EDT 2002

VPC on a 500 mHz G3:
VPC 5.03 has a hard time with sound; it tends to break up. My Rev 
standalones seem very sluggish under VPC.  If you can use Win98 as 
opposed to Win2000 you might find it to be a bit snappier.  Win95 is the 
quickest by far, but I would imagine its user base might be 
comparatively small by this point.
Perhaps VPC is considerably better on a G4, since I understand it to be 
designed to take advantage of the G4 "velocity engine" (if that's what 
it's called).
For a few hundred dollars I just picked up a 366 mHz PC laptop for 
testing purposes; you might find an option like that to be more 
satisfactory in the long run.
-My 2 cents, Kurt

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