how to print on the same page concatenated fields with different text properties

Yves Coppé yvescoppe at
Sat Jun 1 07:44:00 EDT 2002

>I recently have downloaded Revolution 1.1.1. starterkit on my PC / 
>windows98 and tried to make a little database to see how it goes. I 
>begin to be quite happy with, until. I tried to print the records of 
>this database.
>I don't want to use the Print Card command because I don't need all 
>the fields of the card and besides, first, I want to insert 
>subtitles between the printed fields and, secondly, I want to get 
>that fields are differently formatted and the same with subtitles. 
>(for example first field arial 12 bold, first subtitle arial 10 
>bold, second field arial 10 plain, second subtitle arial 10 
>underline and so onŠ)
>The command put field "field1" & return & "title1" & Š etcŠ into 
>field "myprint" allowed me to get printed all I wish but with the 
>only properties of the field "myprint". I don't find a command which 
>allows me to format anything differently inside a single field 
>moreover when in each record the same field never has the same 
>Does anybody know a possibility to print on the same page several 
>concatenated fields, (each of them keeping its own text properties). 
>With the command revPrintField. I tried to use "quote" , "," , "&", 
>"()" but without any success.
>Supplementary question: The key "Alt Gr" doesn't operate. Only with 
>Revolution is that so on my keyboard. Is that usual?
>Thank you for helping.
>I hope my english make it possibleŠJ !

It is possible with html text.
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