how to print on the same page concatenated fields with different text properties

alain GIRAUD giraud.a at
Sat Jun 1 06:39:01 EDT 2002

I recently have downloaded Revolution 1.1.1. starterkit on my PC / windows98 and tried to make a little database to see how it goes. I begin to be quite happy with, until. I tried to print the records of this database. 

I don't want to use the Print Card command because I don't need all the fields of the card and besides, first, I want to insert subtitles between the printed fields and, secondly, I want to get that fields are differently formatted and the same with subtitles. (for example first field arial 12 bold, first subtitle arial 10 bold, second field arial 10 plain, second subtitle arial 10 underline and so on.)

The command put field "field1" & return & "title1" & . etc. into field "myprint" allowed me to get printed all I wish but with the only properties of the field "myprint". I don't find a command which allows me to format anything differently inside a single field moreover when in each record the same field never has the same lenght.

Does anybody know a possibility to print on the same page several concatenated fields, (each of them keeping its own text properties). With the command revPrintField. I tried to use "quote" , "," , "&", "()" but without any success. 

Supplementary question: The key "Alt Gr" doesn't operate. Only with Revolution is that so on my keyboard. Is that usual?

Thank you for helping. 

I hope my english make it possible.J !


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