sample cgi?

Kee Nethery kee at
Wed Jul 31 16:56:17 EDT 2002

>Hi Kee,
>If it works in HyperCard it should work for Revolution
>as well, since Revolution has full support for
>In this case I'd say it's a matter of having your
>webserver poke RunRev or a stand-alone instead of

The HyperCard script is geared towards using WebStar and various 
other Mac OS Classic web servers. All other web servers (even Mac OS 
X) forward information to a cgi using a different mechanism. I'm 
looking for examples of stacks/cgis that use the more standard apache 

>If you're talking about getting the cgi-server up and
>running, your best bet is to look at Tip of the Week
>number 6 on the RunRev website:
>It shows how to use "split" to parse the data passed
>to it from the browser.

This tip looks interesting, thanks. I'll need to see if it does what 
I need. Thanks again.

Kee Nethery

>Or maybe I got your question wrong :-)
>Jan Schenkel.

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