Two Quit Menus in OSX

yves COPPE yvescoppe at
Wed Jul 31 15:48:01 EDT 2002

>Hi there,
>Can anyone tell me why when I run my
>standalone application under Mac OSX
>there are 2 Quit Menus?  I have the one
>I created under the File Menu for my
>Application, then there is the one
>under the About menu which also lets
>a user quit the application.  I find
>that if one uses the Quit menu item
>that I created, everything works fine
>for my application, but if one uses
>the Quit menu item under the About
>Menu on OSX, the program doesn't quit
>correctly - i.e. it doesn't do final
>cleanup close properly.
>Any suggestions as to what to do about
>this problem is appreciated.
>Thanks in advance!
>Rick Harrison

For me too, it's the same problem.


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