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On Tue, 30 Jul 2002 Simtech Publications <switchedon at> wrote:

> > Setting a flag when the key is first depressed is one way to handle this.
> Yes. That's how I had to do it in earlier versions of Director before the
> KeyPressed() function.
> > How about using a different key, Escape for example? Then you can
> > catch it in a rawkeydown handler in the card or stack script.
> I'm converting existing Director programs to Revolution in order to deliver
> them for Mac OS X. The Mac 68k, Mac PPC and Windows versions all use the
> control key. I don't want to risk confusing my customers by using esc for
> the OS X versions.

Your real problem here is a design flaw in all Mac OSs: no keyboard
events are generated when modifier keys are pressed.  On Win32 and
UNIX systems you can easily do this in the proper event-driven manner
using a rawKeyDown handler.

> Here is a repeat loop that allows the user to press the control key to
> interrupt several seconds of music and return directly to the main menu...
> repeat until the sound is done
>   if the controlkey is down then
>     play stop
>     go to cd "main menu"
>   end if
> end repeat
> If that works, I wonder why this doesn't?...
> on idle
>   if the controlkey is down then go to cd "main menu"
> end idle

Unfortunately both of these methods are a bad idea for OS X (the first
is even specficially prohibited by the developer guidelines for that
platform).  Please read the following before you go down this road any

Then search the doc and list archives for examples of using "send
.. in" to do a periodic poll.  If it were me, though, I'd just work
around the Mac OS design flaw by accepting any key in a rawKeyDown
handler, not just modifiers.

> Cheers... Bill Lynn, Publisher
> Simtech Publications

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