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Rob Cozens rcozens at pon.net
Wed Jul 31 09:15:01 EDT 2002

Hi Troy,

>I make a stack that puts text into fields on a card
>when a button is clicked, and then make a standalone version of that stack,
>the data in the field can be changed while the standalone is open, but the
>data is not saved when the standalone is closed. Do I have that right?


>And if I do want to create a standalone stack that can save data from use to
>use, that's when I need to create a 'template stack' like the Employee
>example. Is there something good to read on setting up this process, or can
>I gleen what I need to by tearing apart the Employee example?

In actuality all you need is a simple splash screen or title stack 
that opens your main stack (or presents an answer file dialog) in its 
openStack or preopenStack handler.  Employee Database.rev includes 
substack EmpDD as a template for building a new stack.  Unless you 
are allowing the user to create new stacks, Employee Database.rev is 

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