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Tony Moller tony.moller at drcs.com
Wed Jul 31 07:23:01 EDT 2002

on 7/30/02 12:43 PM, Rob Cozens at rcozens at pon.net wrote:

> For example: I have a Database Utility standalone to create, edit,
> backup, restore, and reindex databases.  My design calls for the
> utility to be user-translatable; so preopenStack reads the labels,
> toolTips, menu & menuItem names from the main library and sets
> control properties and/or contents accordingly.  When the standalone
> quits, the updated information is lost.

Just to preface, I'm coming from a Filemaker and (light use) Hypercard
background, so I do understand the concepts of static and dynamic data -
just not how Revolution deals with it :)

So, that being said, if I make a stack that puts text into fields on a card
when a button is clicked, and then make a standalone version of that stack,
the data in the field can be changed while the standalone is open, but the
data is not saved when the standalone is closed. Do I have that right?

And if I do want to create a standalone stack that can save data from use to
use, that's when I need to create a 'template stack' like the Employee
example. Is there something good to read on setting up this process, or can
I gleen what I need to by tearing apart the Employee example?

Thanks to everyone for the help!

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