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Rick Harrison harrison at all-auctions.com
Tue Jul 30 10:46:01 EDT 2002

on 7/30/2002 8:05 AM, Tony Moller at tony.moller at drcs.com wrote:

> on 7/29/02 11:40 PM, Rick Harrison at harrison at all-auctions.com wrote:
>> Dynamic Data is stored in files for a standalone not in the stack itself.
> Could you explain this a bit more? I went through the tutorial on
> independent study, and understand the concept, sort of. What's the
> difference between data in the stack and dynamic data? And why does the
> environment change once you make a standalone app?
> Tony


In a standalone, Revolution will only save the data which was in the stack
at the time the standalone was created.  Call this "Static Data" if you like
because it never changes.  Data in field that you want to be able to change,
add to, delete etc. we'll call "Dynamic Data" - (these terms are
Programmer terms, not Revolution terms.)  Using the old school approach,
once a program was compiled you couldn't change the code to add new imbedded
data in the program.  The only way to have such a program be flexible to
store data which changes, was to store it in data files.  If you think of a
Standalone as a compiled program etched in stone, I think you'll get the
concept better.

To add to the confusion, Revolution is a bit a strange and a wonderful
animal that has the ability to compile on the fly.

I hope this helps.

Rick Harrison

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