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Steve Messimer steve at
Tue Jul 30 09:04:01 EDT 2002


> Why do you want to delete buttons?  Why don't you just hide and show them
> instead?
> If you are going to make a standalone stack that is going to do this
> I think you might run into problems with trying to delete buttons.
> Dynamic Data is stored in files for a standalone not in the stack itself.
> Hope this helps!
> Rick Harrison


Thanks for the reply. It is not my intent to make a standalone. I am working
on a template stack that educational developers will use within the context
of Runtime Revolution to build educational standalone teaching apps.

Developers use a plug-in to add learning objects to these template stacks.
Some of most of the objects created by the plug-in are what I refer to as
compound objects.  They are for the most part buttonGroup objects, where the
button controls the visible property of a group. eg buttonField,
buttonPicture, buttonQuiz etc. Th get an idea check out my web site:

Creating these objects with the plug-in is simple and they  work just fine
both in the template and in a standalone made with the template.

On occassion a developer may wish to delete one of these compound objects in
the process of developing the stack. If the developer deletes a controlling
button before deleting its companion group this creates a significant
problem with the script that manages the bGOs on any given card. If a bGO is
missing a controlling button the script breaks.  It would be bad form to
release this project in a state that was certain to cause its users

Using the deleteButton msg to undo an inappropriate button deletion is a
solution that will prevent developers from making this mistake.  What I need
is some more information about how object deletion happens in RR, what msgs
are sent, and again a script that actually works undoing a button deletion.
Again I have been unable to get the solution suggested in the documentation
to work.

If anyone can answer some of these questions I would be must appreciative.

I hope this makes a bit more sense to you.


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