deleting objects

Steve Messimer steve at
Mon Jul 29 13:16:01 EDT 2002


I am attempting to trap the deletebutton msg so that I can use the undo
command to restore certain buttons.  I want to be able to restore any button
that has a "€" char appended to it if an identically named grp exists.  Thus
far I am unable to get the undo command to undo a user deleted button under
any circumstances.

The script suggested in the documentation doesn't work.

on deleteButton
    beep -- the beep does work
    send "undo" to this card in 1 millisecond
end deleteButton   

I tried this thinking that maybe the name of the deleted button was stored
however temporarily in the it var

on deleteButton
  if the last char of it is "€" then send "undo" to this card
end deleteButton.

This doesn't work either

What I really want to do is want to do is get the name of the deleted button
and do two things.

1) Check to see if there is a "€" char appended to it. if there is go to
part two, if not let it be deleted.

2) Check to see if a group with the same name exists.  If a group with the
same name exists then I want to undo the deletion.

The problem is I don't know how to get the name of a deleted Object after
the fact.  Anybody know how I can do this?

Using MacOS 9.2.2, RR 1.1.1r2, G-4 450, 512 MB RAM


Stephen R. Messimer
Messimer Computing, Inc
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