Stacks as data vehicles

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There are probably externals out there, but without an external you can do
something funky like this (it deletes the original file and creates a new
one with the proper file type):

on mouseUp
  answer file "Select a file:"
  if it <> "Cancel" then
    put it into tFile
    put url ("binfile:" & tFile) into tData
    delete file tFile
    set the fileType to "ttxtTEXT"  -- SimpleText - insert your own here
    put tData into url ("binfile: " & tFile)
  end if
end mouseUp

Hope this helps,

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Subject: Stacks as data vehicles

> We have a standalone project which relies on an external stack as a data
> vehicle, e.g. the standalone opens an external stack to gain some
> required information. I would ideally like to change the extention (PC)
> and the filetype(Mac) to allow that stack to launch my standalone with
> the vehicle stack as an environment parameter. Key Ray graciously
> provided insight for much of this process, but we are still stuck with
> the stack filetype part. Basically it works like this -
> One standalone has an internal stack which it copies and writes to a
> file (it is at this point that I would like to change its filetype.)
> Another standalone opens that stack and uses the information within.
> The problem is that the vehicle stack always has the Rev stack filetype,
> and we have yet to be able to change it. How can I change the filetype
> of an existing file? The PC part seem to be handled already just by
> changing the extension.
> TIA!!
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