background color bug in Mac OS PPC build

Howard Bornstein bornstein at
Sat Jul 27 23:35:00 EDT 2002

>>When I build a standalone, the background color that I've set the stack
>>is ignored in the Mac OS PPC build.
>Did you uncheck "Copy default colors" on the Stacks tab of the Distribution
>Builder? (Although I tend to think this setting should be ignored for
>colors that are already set on the stack.)

Thanks Jeanne,

That did the trick. Does this mean that unless you uncheck this check 
box, Revolution ignores your specific color settings when building a 
standalone? (Same question with Copy Default Font Settings). Even without 
unchecking this checkbox, the App builder works as (I) expected when 
building for OS X and Windows. You indicate they should be ignored if the 
colors are set in the stack, which makes sense to me. Thus, it seems like 
this is only not being ignored in the Mac OS PPC version. So, is this a 

BTW, here's a crash I run into frequently when testing the build cycle:

1) Make my last tweaks to a stack and save and close it.

2) Run the App builder to turn it into a stand-alone.

3) Run the stand-alone to test.

4) Notice a few more tweaks that are needed. Open up the stack in Rev 

5) Make the changes, save and close the stack.

6) Run the App builder again.  OOPS! I didn't close the last version of 
the stand-alone. The Rev App Builder chokes when trying to create a new 
stand-alone when the last one is open. It goes through the entire process 
and hangs on "Setting memory size." Have to force-quit Rev to start over.

Can Rev check to see if the file is already open to avoid this?


Howard Bornstein
D E S I G N  E Q

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