Button Hilites and Move Command

Bill Lynn switchedon at hsj.com
Fri Jul 26 06:22:01 EDT 2002


I am a new user of Revolution having spent the past 6 years with Director
and, before that, HyperCard, SuperCard and HyperStudio. My goal is to
convert all 22 of my special education programs (now in Director 4.0) to
Revolution in the next year in order to offer them as OS X applications. My
printed manuals have not yet arrived from the UK so I will likely be asking
many questions here until they do. Please bear with me during this period.

First up, buttons and how they hilite. I am trying to create the appearance
and behavior of the standard classic black and white Mac buttons. The
appearance part is no problem I can create a rounded rectangle button with
text. But I can't seem to get the hiliting to work properly. I want the
button's colors to invert black to white and white to black. If I select
black as the hilite color the entire button turns black and the text is
invisible. Any suggestions on how to hilite in black with the button text in

Second, almost all of my programs have an animated opening sequence that can
last as long as 15 seconds. Kids seem to enjoy it but teachers and parents
would rather bypass it and get right to the main menu. In the Director
version I can test for a control keypdown and respond to it accordingly. I'm
using the "move" command in Revolution and it appears to lock out events
preventing me from testing for a control keydown. I've tried the alternative
of moving objects in the old fashioned way using a repeat loop and changing
the objects loc through each cycle. While this allows me to look for
keyboard events it slows the animation down considerably. My question, is
there any way to use the "move" command and test for events while it is
running. Or, does anyone have a better way to approach moving objects on a
card (without flipping through hundreds of cards) and still test for events?

Cheers... Bill Lynn
Simtech Publications

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