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Geoff Canyon gcanyon at
Thu Jul 25 22:59:00 EDT 2002

The Profile Manager is the way to address this. See more at the bottom of this email.

At 3:07 PM +0100 7/24/02, jez wrote:
>There does not seem to be a property of an item which forces the item to be cleared at build/run time, which to my mind is the most logical solution.

This is by design. If you need to do any particular setup, you can create an on startUp handler to address this. (but see below)

At 10:55 AM -0400 7/24/02, Rick Harrison wrote:
>The way you are doing things is correct.  I've always had to clear all the fields before creating my standalones.
>Yes it is a pain in the .... but your little script to clear the fields is the way to go until a new revision of Rev addresses
>this issue.

A script just to empty out the fields is unnecessary. The Profile Manager can handle this very nicely right now.

At 5:47 PM +0200 7/24/02, peter.fink at wrote:
>Additionally it made automatic translations from translation cards, since
>here I need at least two language versions. 

The Profile Manager is well suited to this as well. It will store locations, sizes, colors, text contents, etc., for all the objects in your project. You can switch between profiles either manually, or programmatically.


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