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Klaus Major klaus.major at
Thu Jul 25 02:49:01 EDT 2002

Hi Nicholas.

> I'm having a problem when I add fields from a file into a field.
> I have, say, name, address and phone number.  The text file uses a TAB 
> as
> the delimiter.
> I load it into the list and everything loads just fine.
> However, I can't get the fields to line up.  I'm not sure what the 
> issue is.
> So, if I have the following fields with each item separated by TAB:
> Joe Smith	123 Somestreet	416-999-9999
> Nicholas Feasey	7 MyStreet	416-888-8888
> ...when it gets into the list field it doesn't line up (in the example
> above, for obvious reasons).

These questions have already been answered sufficiently, i think.

> Can I put each item into an individual field and have the three fields
> (Name, Address, Phone Number) scroll in sync?

This is also possible.

In case you might need this in the future, here is how to do that.


You have 3 fields, nicely lined up.
Field 1 and 2 do NOT have a scrollbar.
Field 3 has a scrollbar and you just have to add this to the script of 
fld 3:

on scrollbardrag
   set the scroll of fld 1 to the scroll of me
   set the scroll of fld 2 to the scroll of me
end scrollbardrag

Et voila, they scroll in sync and you are happy :-)


Klaus Major
klaus.major at

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