Eject CD (no luck, Sarah)

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Tue Jul 23 18:16:01 EDT 2002

It took about 3 weeks to get the time to mess around,
but this morning was the chance  :)
This is what I did:
Created a New stack, followed by a new button with a
custom prop named:


next I placed this in that prop:

tell application "Finder"
	set diskList to every disk whose ejectable = true
	repeat with d in diskList
		eject d
	end repeat
end tell

Finally I placed this in the button's script:
on mouseUp
  do the cAppleScriptProp of me as AppleScript
end mouseUp


The disc I inserted is not ejected, additionally, if I
do the cAppleScriptProp of btn 1 as AppleScript

in the message box, "Execution Error" is returned (in
the msg box)
is there an error in the AppleScript somewhere?  For
instance I know the notation "repeat with d in
diskList" is valid TranScript, but is that valid AS? 
I know you (Sarah) said this was tested under OS X, so
I'm thoroughly puzzled by this.
I'm using Mac OS X 10.1.5
Thanks for any further suggestions!  :)

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