linking wrapped text?

Mark Mitchell mark_mitchell at
Tue Jul 23 16:32:01 EDT 2002

I can't seem to set the textStyle of multi-line wrapped text to a single link.  
The linked text is broken at each line, so that the clickText or clickChunk just
returns a single line of text.  I'm selecting big chunks of wrapped text in a field
then using the following handler in the field:

on selectionChanged
set the textStyle of the selection to link
end selectionChanged

It looks like a single link, based on the underline, but clicktext just returns 
a single line.  If I resize the field so that the wrapping changes, clicktext 
still returns the original line, based on the original wrap-break.  There are no hard returns
here.  So how can I link (group) text past a wrap-break?

mark mitchell

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