background color PPC bug

Mark Mitchell mark_mitchell at
Tue Jul 23 16:25:01 EDT 2002

>>Howard writes:
>When I build a standalone, the background color that I've set the stack 
>is ignored in the Mac OS PPC build. It does appear in the OS X build and 
>the Windows build. But no matter what I set the background color of the 
stack to be, in the  MacOS PPC build, it always shows as gray.

Are you talking about the backdrop or just the background color of your cards?  
If just the latter,I recommend making a background graphic rectangle, setting 
it to layer 1, and then choosing whatever color you like to fill that using the 
colors pallete.  In fact, when I create a new stack for PPC, my habit is to first
create this background graphic to get rid of that gray.  A leftover from my 
metacard work :-)

mark mitchell

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