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Yves Coppé yvescoppe at
Mon Jul 22 17:05:01 EDT 2002

>Hi Filippo,
>I can't really help you with question (3), but I do
>have good news for you for questions (1) and (2).
>You will only see those "Save" dialog boxes in the
>development environment.
>In the final distribution, these don't show.
>One suggestion I could give you for question (3) is to
>keep RUnRev as GUI, and store the data in a different
>way: a Valentina database, an XML-file,... and only
>retrieve/save data as needed.
>Unlike HyperCard, the use of stacks as databases isn't
>MetaCard/RunRev's forte once the data goes over a
>certain size.
>Best regards,
>Jan Schenkel.

or use text files to store data. it's easy to code, to use and very 
fast if you make index of the text files you save


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