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Mon Jul 22 16:31:01 EDT 2002


You are correct, and that was what I intended to say: the 1.5 release
*should* fix the "with defaultPath" option for ask/answer file, but will not
affect the issues with setting the defaultFold prior to opening an
ask/answer file dialog box *without* setting the defaultPath. That is:

  answer file "Pick a file:" with "C:/WINNT/SYSTEM32/"

*will* work, whereas:

  set the defaultFolder to "C:/WINNT/SYSTEM32/"
  answer file "Pick a file:"

*may not* work (depending on Windows OS).

Hope that's clear,

Ken Ray
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> >Filippo,
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> >Just a quick note to let you know that the ask file/answer file commands
> >*will* be fixed (I have seen an update of the engine that contains these
> >fixes), and will hopefully be in the 1.5 release (since it is based on
> >most recent version of the MetaCard engine).
> >
> >Ken Ray
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> Dear Ken,
> thank you for the information.
> Now, I'm a bit confused because, if I read correctly the message I
> from Revolution support, the "defaultFolder" is not expected to work with
> the "ask file" and "answer file" commands, even in the 1.5 release. The
> fixes in this release will regard only the problems with the "with
> defaultPath" option of the ask/answer file commands.
> Kind regards
> Filippo Galimberti
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