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I had *exactly* the same problems with a stand alone presentation I was 
creating for Nissan a while back. I finally managed to solve the problem 
but in an unexpected way. Notghing else seemed to work for me 
(installing the latest QT on the PCs, saving the movie in different 
formats (MPG, AVI etc)) ... nothing worked until I tried the following:

I solved it by opening the Quicktime movies in QT 5.0 pro version and 
then resized them up (proportionally) to a larger size (from 320x240 to 
640x480). The "pro" versions of QT let you **save the resized movie** 
but, and I think this was a factor, the file size remained the same as 
the smaller version. The larger versions I saved via QT Pro then played 
fine on the clients PC desktops and laptops where the smaller version 
hadn't before. Admittedly, the picture quality of the move was ever so 
slightly degraded but not enough that the client wasn't happy with the 

I have no idea why this works since the file size is the same but 
whatever, it worked and my client got his presentation. Hope this might 
help others in the same situation.

David Janik-Jones

On Monday, July 22, 2002, at 10:00 AM, Sivakatirswami  wrote:

 > original full resolution data that came out of the camera. They will 
 > play off the multi-media standalone we created on any MAC, even an 
iMac with
 > not much RAM (128K) but unfortunately the larger ones (640 X 480 and 
800 X
 > 600)  will not play on a Windows machine here (a Dell in our accounting
 > office) I installed the latest version of QuickTime on that machine 
and they
 > still will not play. Smaller ones do play (320 X 240).  I could have 

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