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Björnke von Gierke bvg at
Mon Jul 22 09:59:01 EDT 2002

Im not quit shure if you have the same problem as I did, but I have a 
Network setting similar to yours (beside that I use Win98 or Win2000 and 
OS X and no cable (WLAN)).
It is important to understand that Windows does NEVER see other 
computers on a network, unless they use the special protocol of them 
(think of it as "AppleTalk of Microsoft"). Now if you want to connect 
them you have the best chance when using one of these:

-Via a FTP application
If you set Windows to share a folder, it is accessible with FTP, same 
goes for MacOS (under Mac OS X there is a checkmark for FTP in the 
network Pref). You need to know the Machines Name and the Passwort for 
FTP to work.
It is possible to use FTP via your Browser, or you may use a FTP 
application (there are a lot of them for free to download). In the 
Browser type:
"ftp://" & "Name of the machine"
"ftp://" & "IP of the other machine"

-Via SMB/Samba:
Unfortunately, I was unable to access my Mac OS X machine via Samba/SMB, 
but it worked the other way around:
you can access a shared folder by using the "Connect to Server..." Menu 
from the "Go" menu (Command-K). there you have to Type the following:
"smb://" & "Name of the windows machine" & "/" & "Name of the shared 
folder or drive"

-Wait for Mac OS X 1.5:
It is said that Mac OS X 1.5 will have an improved Samba interface, but 
I didn't see any until now (in screenshots/previews).

Naturally the "'s and &'s should not be typed...

hope this helps

Björnke von Gierke

PS: check also if you don't have an IP conflict, set the same Subnet 
Mask, and have the cables correctly plugged in.

On Montag, Juli 22, 2002, at 05:09 , pixelbird at wrote:

> I'm trying to connect a Compaq to D/L Rev 1.1.1
> Being a Mac person, I don't know much about Windows,
> especially XP. This should be easier to deal with:
> The machine has a NETGEAR FA310TX Fast Ethernet Adapter (NGRPCI)
> A tested and fully functional (The Mac was hooked up with it
> with no problems at all) Ethernet cable is plugged into it
> in the back of the machine.
> I checked the device with the Troubleshooter and it says it
> is working properly. The Driver is also apparently working
> properly.
> BUT...under Local Area Connection control panel it says:
> Network cable unplugged
> ..which is not true, it IS plugged in.
> I bought this machine primarily to test and program special
> PC-specific things (like sound and speech stuff) into my Rev
> stacks, but I'll be darned if I can get it online on the
> same LAN my G4 is on, which, BTW, I'm using this very
> moment. I'm baffled :-(
> Any ideas?
> TIA,
> Ken
> N.
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