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Filippo Galimberti fgalimbe at
Mon Jul 22 07:09:01 EDT 2002

Dear All,
I have three questions regarding the built-in Save dialog
1) I have some stacks that I use to display temporary information. They 
should not be saved on close. Is there any way to stop the showing of the 
built-in Save dialog when a user click the close box ? Displaying stacks 
with the "modeless" command, and including a "close" button, is not an 
option. I tried to intercept the "closeStack" and "closeStackRequest" but 
they seems to be sent after the Save dialog is shown.
2) The Save dialog is shown even when no changes are made to the stack ( 
make a new, empty, stack; I save it; and when I close it I get again the 
Save dialog, notwithstanding I made no changes).
3) The built-in Save procedure compact the stack after saving it. Although 
compacting is fast, I got stacks with tens of thousands of cards, and to 
compact them takes a lot of time (Revolution seems much slower that 
Hypercard with stacks with more than 5000 cards). Is there any way to 
change the built-in Save procedure ? Is it implement as a script ? I looked 
in the Revolution "components" folder with no success.
Thank you in advance.
Kind regards
Filippo Galimberti

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