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Sun Jul 21 22:12:01 EDT 2002

I'm trying to connect a Compaq to D/L Rev 1.1.1

Being a Mac person, I don't know much about Windows,
especially XP. This should be easier to deal with:

The machine has a NETGEAR FA310TX Fast Ethernet Adapter (NGRPCI)

A tested and fully functional (The Mac was hooked up with it
with no problems at all) Ethernet cable is plugged into it
in the back of the machine.

I checked the device with the Troubleshooter and it says it
is working properly. The Driver is also apparently working

BUT...under Local Area Connection control panel it says:

Network cable unplugged

..which is not true, it IS plugged in.

I bought this machine primarily to test and program special
PC-specific things (like sound and speech stuff) into my Rev
stacks, but I'll be darned if I can get it online on the
same LAN my G4 is on, which, BTW, I'm using this very
moment. I'm baffled :-(

Any ideas?


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