Dar Scott dsc at swcp.com
Sat Jul 20 16:30:03 EDT 2002

On Saturday, July 20, 2002, at 11:53 AM, Terry Vogelaar wrote:

>> I wish I had some tutorial info on PDF's that I could read on my 
>> laptop
>> outside of the help system.  The only other PDF's I found on the 
>> web were for
>> the Reference manual, and that doesn't make for very fun 
>> cover-to-cover
>> reading.   :-)
> Does it really needs to be 'outside of the help system'? One of 
> the great
> things of RunRev is that you can buy one license and install the 
> 'starter
> kit' version on every other computer you use, so you can easily test
> compatibility without having to buy multiple licenses. Also for 
> this purpose
> you can install a starter kit on a laptop.

 From the license FAQ (Small Business Edition):

      Do I need to purchase more than one copy for each
      platform I want to distribute on?

      No.  Licenses are per named individual, so you can
      install the software on all supported platforms. 
      In fact, you may install and develop software using
      as many machines as you like, provided it is only you
      using the licensed version of the software.

Your mileage may differ.  This is not legal advice.  Don't try this 
at home.  Professional drivers on a closed course.  All trademarks 
belong to their respective owners.

(Speaking of PDFs.  I'm looking for a program with a calendar, 
address book, time keeper, logs, and especially project notebooks 
that can have PDFs attached and marked up either globally or by 
project with links from the notebooks to PDF paragraphs with 
automatic sync among Windows and OS X computers via the network.)

Dar Scott

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