switching which external files to use

Kristy Roggio brennalarpista at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 19 18:05:01 EDT 2002

Thanks Sarah, this helped a ton.  I ended up randomizing the order the files 
were used in, and used your suggestion for making sure the correct file was 
being used.  Now it works!


>I would rename the original set of files so they all have 1 at the end >of 
>their names. Then you can use something like:
>put 2 into fileNum
>put URL ("file:data/SFQuizzes/SFQuiz1/Instructions" & fileNum >& ".txt") 
>into fld "instructions"
>put URL ("file:data/SFQuizzes/SFQuiz1/Answers" & fileNum & ".txt" into fld 
>if you structure the file names carefully, your switch routine should just 
>set this number and then you will have a general routine to use >the files.

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