Embarassing Newbie Problem

Judy Perry jperryl at ecs.fullerton.edu
Thu Jul 18 14:16:00 EDT 2002


I have decided to force myself to learn RunRev in organizing my medieval
research data into a database that contains graphics, text, family trees,
and the like.

Simple, no?

I have placed as a background behavior group a series of text field boxes.

Problem #1:  For those fields which are scrolling fields, I find that I
cannot place text in excess of the physical size of the text field box by
using the return key to create a new paragraph or blank line of text (but
I can, strangely to me, enter text in excess of the size of the box by
copying and pasting a large block of text).  If I type continuously (that
is, no new paragraphs), this behavior is absent.

Problem #2:  What I would think would be 'normal' behavior of using "tab"
to move from field to field in the order in which the field was created,
and insert text in said field(s), also does not seem to be happenning for
me.  In the "field" tab of the properties box, "can receive keyboard
focus" is checked; however I notice that in the "custom" tab, in the
"properties" box is the word "false".

What am I doing wrong, pray tell?

Many kind thanks for your consideration,

Judy Perry

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