Switching Mainstacks

Glen L. Bledsoe glenbledsoe at mac.com
Thu Jul 18 12:45:01 EDT 2002

On Wednesday, July 17, 2002, at 07:20  PM, use-revolution-
request at lists.runrev.com wrote:

> If you want the main stack to be a substack of the splash stack then 
> type
> 	set the mainstack of stack yourMainStack to yourSplashStack
> from the message box.  If you do this with the AO open, you will see
> the change reflected there.

For some reason I couldn't get this to work.

> In the Application Overview, select your actual file (not one of the
> stacks). Then expand the window and you will see "Show stack mover" at
> the bottom of the extended part of the window. (If you see "Show stacks"
> instead then you are already in stack mover.)
> This allows you to move stacks and to make any of the substacks into the
> main stack, so create your splash screen as a substack and then use the
> stack mover to make it the main.

This worked like a charm. I didn't even notice the stack mover feature 
in the AO. There are so many features to Rev that it takes a while to 
get familiar with them. Many thanks.

Glen L. Bledsoe
Computer Teacher
Molalla Elementary School

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